Lindsay Lohan Sentenced to 30 Days in Jail

Lindsay Lohan is heading back to jail. A Los Angeles judge found Lohan guilty of violating her parole and sentenced the actress to 30 days in prison.

The probation charge stems from a 2007 drunk driving arrest and a 2011 theft charge. According to Cinema Blend, Lohan will start serving her jail time immediately.

Here’s a video of the hearing from TMZ.

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Judge Stephanie Sautner made it clear today that when she says 30 days in jail, she doesn’t mean house arrest. But according to TMZ, Lohan will likely only spend about a week in prison.

And when Lohan gets out of jail, she’ll have to follow a strict schedule to meet her community service requirements. Sautner planned a schedule that will see Lohan working 12 days of community service at the morgue and attending 4 psychotherapy sessions every month.

All of Lohan’s community service must be completed by March 29th. If Lohan does not keep to that schedule, Sautner said that she would sentence the actress to 270 days in jail.

But Lohan’s world isn’t too bleak at the moment. Lohan was recently offered close to a million dollars to pose for Playboy. Lohan also received another million dollar offer to model for sex toy company fleshlight. I won’t say which offer she accepted…

Do you think the judge was too harsh on Lindsay Lohan? Do lenient?

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