Tim Cook Era At Apple: More Streamlined and Friendlier

James Johnson

Now that Apple CEO Tim Cook is not just filling in for Steve Jobs he has begun to shape the company in his own image.

According to a report by the Wall Street Journal the CEO has begun to streamline Apple's corporate structure while creating more "friendly" corporate philosophies. For example Cook has announced that Apple will now match employee donations up to $10,000, a move Steve Jobs adamantly opposed.

Cook is also expected to examine stock buybacks, something that was not allowed under the Jobs era.

Employees at Apple have also revealed that Cook is a much more friendly boss, for example in company wide emails he refers to his employees as the "team."

Investors have also received better treatment now that Cook is the company's go to man, in some cases being provided with much more information in a more timely manner.

According to one analyst:

"Steve thought he had all the answers ... I am not sure Tim thinks he has all the answers."

That's not to say Apple won't continue to develop new products, it simply means Tim Cook as a businessman is focused on streamlining the company's operations while creating a team environment, aspects that were sorely lacking in the Steve Jobs era. Case in point, Cook has setup an administrative process that focuses on reporting structures and promotions from within, something Steve Jobs disdained.

Do you think a more open, more friendly Apple will help the company retain their growth?