Pringo adds Microblogging to White Label Social Networking Mix

White label social network provider Pringo has added a micro-blogging service to its mix, a move claimed to be the "first white label social networking platform which allows customers to employ Twitter-like functionality."

We've seen no shortage of new players enter the microblogging space recently as Twitter has ridden the fail whale. I don't have a lot of details about how the Pringo microblogging service will work, for example will the service be within each social networking site or across Pringo powered sites, but consider the broader implications: if you thought you've seen a rush of Twitter clones already, wait till they become a standard add-on to every non-major social networking site. Pringo is a more specialist white label provider, compared to say a service like Ning, that offers social networking sites for everyone, but it doesn't take a lot of imagination to guess that other players in this space are likely to folow suit.

Pringo client sites include StreetCred, MyCountrySpace, and eHarmony.