Bikers Taunt Officer On California Interstate [VIDEO]

A video was posted to YouTube Tuesda, by user “gurustunts,” showing a group of bikers on an interstate speeding and doing stunts then taunting an officer that attempted to calm them.

The incident took place on Interstate 680 in California and was initially recorded on October 11. The video showed several of the bikers speeding, shifting through lanes of traffic, and popping their front wheels up. Later on, a California Highway Patrol officer rode up along-side them, sirens on, and asked them to cut it out.

When one of the bikers pulled ahead, the officer attempted to follow him, but the person recording the incident moved forward and pulled up next to the officer. The bikers’ hand can then be seen in frame shooing the officer away.

Regardless of what the officer attempted to do, the bikers simply refused to listen. Eventually, the officer was forced to speed ahead, seemingly leaving the law breakers behind.

The released video is merely a segment of the 10-minute long incident.

It might seem a little strange that the officer gave up his attempts to pull over the speeding bikers, but that’s only what the video shows.

According to Mercury News, Officer Ross Lee, a CHP spokesman, stated that the officer didn’t give up. Instead, he sped ahead far enough to be able to pull over onto the shoulder of the interstate and call for back-up.

“He did what was safe,” Lee said. “The riders had no intention of being compliant…. He made the right decision.”

Lee also mentioned that the way the bikers were speeding and doing tricks on the interstate, in the video, is very dangerous. The bikers not only put themselves in danger but everyone around them.

“You never want to be in a situation where you or those involved could be hurt,” he said. “The riders were putting not only the public in harm’s way, they were putting themselves in harm’s way.”

No one has been arrested or cited as of yet. The YouTube member responsible for posting the video was contacted, however. According to ABC7 News, he claims to not have been a part of the group of bikers and had only posted a video that was sent to him by an unknown party.

Lee added, “I’ve reviewed the video. There’s nothing that I saw on the video that is readily identifiable, but I haven’t started to look at it from an investigative standpoint.”

[ Image courtesy of Travelers Today ]