Jill Duggar's Big Baby Bump: Is She Further Along Than She Claims?

Jill Duggar Dillard showed off her baby bump on Thursday and the 19 Kids and Counting star has really popped. Is she further along than she claims or is she just carrying a big baby boy?

US Weekly reports that Jill, who is now 18 weeks pregnant, taped an episode of Extra and appeared on FOX and Friends with her husband Derick on Thursday. She was photographed wearing a tight-fitting blue dress, once again sparking a debate about when she conceived.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Derick posted a photo of Jill on Instagram on September 17, showing fans that his wife was "13 weeks, 1 day pregnant." The couple got married on June 21 — 12 weeks and 4 days prior to when the photo was taken, leaving many to wonder if Jill actually got pregnant on her wedding night or if she broke the Duggar rules and had sex before marrying Derick Dillard.

Even Cosmopolitan stated back in September that the numbers "didn't add up" and it seemed that the couple "made a baby together four days before their wedding." Weeks later, the magazine withdrew their comments and apologized, stating that it was possible that Jill Duggar Dillard got pregnant on the night of her wedding, or shortly thereafter.

There are countless negative comments Jill's Instagram account, including one from user Cring090 who writes, "You're a sinner!!!! How was it your 12 week anniversary if you we're 13 weeks pregnant... You must have really got it in on your honeymoon."

Fortunately, fans of TLC's 19 Kids and Counting have been very supportive of Jill and Derrick's pregnancy, firing back at anyone who speaks negatively about the couple or points speculates that the "Baby Dilly" may have been conceived before the couple's June wedding.

"She didn't get pregnant before her wedding!! Y'all need to calm down @cring090 and that's rude!! Jill your gorgeous and gonna be a amazing mommy!!"
Negative comments aside, Jill and Derick Dillard appear to be overjoyed to welcome their little boy into the world this March. Whether he was conceived before or after marriage seems to be a moot point now. He has a loving mother and father who are obviously enjoying every moment of not only Jill's pregnancy, and soon their role as new parents.

[Images: Duggar Family Twitter, Us Weekly]