Oregon Teacher Rips Off Female Student’s Shirt, Punished With Paid Suspension [Video]

Sara Rue, a 15-year-old student in the Salem-Keizer School District in Oregon, was left shirtless in front of her entire classroom after her teacher ripped off her shirt. Carrie McCann, a language arts teacher, was having an argument with another student when Sara had an anxiety attack and tried to leave the room. McCann pulled Rue back into the classroom and flung her to the floor before pulling her sweater of completely. McCann received a paid suspension as punishment.

Carrie McCann was engaged in a verbal argument with another student over her use of a cell phone and foul language in class. The altercation coerced an anxiety attack to overcome Sara Rue and she decided to exit the classroom to calm down. As she exited the classroom, McCann pulled her back into the room by her shoulders, threw her to the ground, and proceeded to rip off her sweater, leaving her completely exposed in her bra. Rue, amidst the anxiety attack, is also insecure about her body and burst out into tears in front of the class, begging everyone to turn around.

The video was captured by a classmate as the altercation began to escalate. Rue can be seen leaving the class without provoking her teacher. McCann seemingly snaps as Rue exits and initiates the attack and pulls off her shirt. Rue explained that it was the most embarrassing moment in her entire life.

“My sweatshirt came off — the entire thing came off — and the whole class saw me naked,. And after that, I just started crying hysterically. It was the most embarrassing moment of my life.”

Police reviewed the video and concluded that there was no criminal wrongdoing. However, school administrators decided to place McCann on paid administrative leave to further investigate the matter. McCann has worked for the school district for 23 years.

A spokesperson for the school district showed concern that McCann placed her hands on a student and reassured that an investigation will take place.

“Why did she put her hands on the student to begin with? That needs to be determined through investigating to see if there was a legitimate reason to have her hands on the student in the first place,”

Although Rue was embarrassed by the situation, she realizes that she could have asked to leave instead of rushing out. Regardless, she feels that McCann should have handled things differently.

[Photo Courtesy: New York Daily News]