Justin Bieber And Khalil Drop Guerrilla ‘Playtime’ Music Video — Watch!

“Playtime is over,” Justin Bieber sings in the just dropped music video for his R&B protégé and pal Khalil’s record.

The raw but effective guerrilla clip was filmed in Toronto’s Yonge-Dundas Square earlier this year, when Justin and his crew returned to his native country for writing sessions.

The video’s director and lensman is Bieber’s childhood friend, Ryan Butler.

Back in August, Khalil, 19, dropped his A Long Story Short mixtape, featuring Bieber (as Bizzle) on two tracks — “Playtime” and the DJ-Mustard produced “Time For Bed.”

Other artists featured on that mixtape include Birdman, rapper Blake Kelly, Mike Dean, Soundz, and Tory Lanez.

Justin Bieber

(Photo: “Playtime is over.” The video arrived online on October 24.)

The video starts with Justin in full-grown man mode, a sensuously spoken “JB” and shout out to Khalil, over a guitar riff with a vintage filter that repeats throughout the song.

Almost immediately, the Biebs follows with the hook,

Playtime is over, over (say what) / I got no time to play no games with you / Playtime is over, over / I got no time to play no games with you.”

Later, singing, “Such a waste of time / There’s no need to fight / We could spend that time laughing / ’cause we got no more times for arguments.”

Then, Khalil and Justin interplay on verses. At one point, Khalil sounds anguished, as he sings,

“I won’t say no names, I won’t say no names / But you playin’ games / Seen it clearly, girl you just ain’t bein’ a saint.”

Action in the video alternates between what appears to be a high rise car parking building, the streets of Toronto and Yonge-Dundas Square itself — which, is the setting for a crowd clap-a-long at the end of the clip.

Justin Bieber

(Photo: The “Confident” singer displaying moves in the video.)

The “Playtime” video showcases some nifty Usher-type footwork from the Biebs.

Justin Bieber and Khalil

(Photo: Bieber and Khalil take center stage in the emotional video.)

The standout part of the song arrives with the 20 second outro, when a bank of guitar and keyboards swell before fading back to that vintage guitar riff.

Every now and then, Justin and Khalil look as if they had a laugh on the video shoot. But, with the subject matter being the pair stressing over the games their respective ladies are playing, the overall mood of the visual is angst.

When “Playtime” first came out, it was played non-stop at the Inquisitr. Although the video was clearly shot on a budget, it doesn’t hurt an appreciation of the track.

Justin Bieber Playtime Music Video

(Photo: The Canadian superstar’s vocals feature heavily on the track.)

Take a listen to the A Long Story Short mixtape below.

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