Chrissy Teigen Draws Anger, Death Threats For Tweet About Canada Shooting

Chrissy Teigen is one person that is no stranger to being in a spotlight. Despite being comfortable with all eyes on her, Chrissy would likely rather not be the main subject of discussion this morning. Teigen reacted to the shooting at the Canadian Parliament building yesterday with outrage and disgust. Chrissy threw in a political statement on Twitter, as well, and it’s that statement that has some people rather angry.

Teigen made what, according to Fox News, was a “tasteless joke” about the Ottawa shooting. The model and actress took to the social media site in order to spread her personal political views.

Not surprisingly, the comment drew some rather sharp rebukes from her followers who felt as though she was making light of this situation. While not actually being apologetic, Chrissy Teigen tried to make it clear the tweet wasn’t a joke but rather a shot at gun violence in the United States. She followed the original tweet with “that’s not a joke, it’s fact.” She followed that tweet after it, too, got plenty of angry reactions by explaining her stance more clearly. “Sorry you don’t understand that is a knock at america and our issues with gun control. No one is minimizing the Ottawa shooting,” she said.

Things got really bad when Chrissy went so far as to make sure people knew she wasn’t going to apologize to those who took offense. Chrissy commented that she had forgotten just how bad things can get when she says something unpopular on Twitter. She then tweeted out some of the worst comments directed at her after her original foray.

At one point Chrissy, the wife of John Legend (who is certainly no Twitter rookie) made it clear she believes Twitter shares some of the blame. Chrissy has never been one to shy away from letting people know about her political views. It seems unlikely she will shy away from the social media service this time either. Chrissy Teigen seems to actually be taking the threats as a kind of challenge to show she won’t back down.