Gears of War 3 getting free multiplayer DLC this month, paid DLC next month

Epic announced earlier today that three maps from the Horde Command Pack, which was released just today on Xbox Live, will be made available to Gears of War 3 players free of charge on November 24 by way of the “Versus Booster Map Pack”.

Not only do you get Azura, Rustlung and Blood Drive for the low price of nothing, you’ll also be able to pick up two fan favorite maps from the original Gears of War, Swamp and Clocktower.

If you’d rather play Azura, Rustlung and Blood Drive right now, you can pick them up in the Horde Command Pack, which also adds in new characters, weapon skins, 250 more gamerscore to collect, and fortification upgrades for Gears of War 3‘s Horde mode.

In yet another piece of Gears of War 3 DLC news, Epic announced that “RAAM’s Shadow”, Gears 3‘s first singleplayer DLC, will be made available on December 12 for 1200 Microsoft Points. The DLC takes place before the original Gears of War and gives players additional backstory on, who else, RAAM. You’ll also get new multiplayer characters to mow down people with, new weapon skins and another 250 achievement points.