Livestation adds channel personalisation

Silverlight powered internet TV service Livestation has expanded its platform offering by giving users the ability to add their own choice in channels.

Livestation users (with the latest version) can now add any TV, radio or webcam stream to their Livestation account for access and viewing inside the Livestation player. Livestation users will also be able to browse through all of the channels other viewers have stored via a dedicated section on the Livestation website.

Livestation channels currently include Al Jazeera, BBC World News, Bloomberg Television, EuroNews (English, French, Italian and Spanish), France 24, i>Tele, Russia Today and BBC World Service, and is free to watch and not georetarded. The service is currently only available for Windows users but a Mac client is being tested for release.

If you’re a news junkie, and like free TV, Livestation is definitely a service you’ll like. I’ve found myself previously leaving it running on my (then Windows) desktop all day, allowing the news to stream in as I work. I just wish they’d hurry up with the Mac version, after all, Silverlight is available on Apple machines.