Dozens Threaten To Break Out of Ebola Quarantine In Liberia

In Liberia, dozens placed in isolation for Ebola are being starved. The persons, at risk for Ebola, have threatened to break out of isolation if they do not receive food, according to CBS News.

Forty-three persons were placed in isolation following the death of four persons from Ebola in Jennewende, located near the border of Ebola-stricken Sierra Leone. According to the persons in the Ebola quarantine, the U.N. World Food Program has stopped providing food for persons in the area affected by the Ebola epidemic. Reports coming from the Houston Chronicle state that this may not quite be so. A representative of the World Food Program has stated that the organization only became aware of the Ebola quarantine a few days ago. They are now doing what they can to get food to those isolated.

Liberia, as previously reported by the Inquistr, is one of the three West African countries that are at the heart of the Ebola epidemic. The Houston Chronicle has reported that new statistics released from the World Health Organization shows that Liberia is in fact the country hardest hit by the Ebola epidemic. Liberia has a reported 4,665 persons infected by Ebola and 2,705 since the beginning of the Ebola epidemic. There may be many other cases of Ebola that have gone unreported.

Meanwhile in Rwanda, the Minister of Health has decided to reverse a decision made to run screenings for Ebola on persons traveling from Spain and the United States, where Ebola infections have occurred. The Huffington Post reported yesterday that Dr. Agnes Binagwaho, Rwanda’s Health Minister, said that those traveling from Spain and the U.S would not only have to fill out a detailed form reporting their medical condition but would also be required to have their temperatures taken upon arrival to prove they are Ebola-free.

“It is definitely extra work for us. We have to ensure that all citizens or any other travelers arriving from the above mentioned countries including the U.S have to be screened in an extra careful manner and follow up on them during their stay.”

Nola, a New Orleans news site, has reported that the Health Minister on Wednesday apologized via Twitter for any inconvenience her decision may have caused and stated that the call to screen for Ebola was her idea and not the government’s. It seems the Minister may have been chastised for her rash actions, prompting the decision to have the Ebola screening reversed. Nola also reported that a statement was released from Rwanda’s President via his Twitter account calling the measures unnecessary and saying that his Health Minister ‘sometimes acts first and thinks later.’ Rwanda has had no reported cases of Ebola.

[Image via International Business Times]