Aaron Rodgers Wants His Good Week To Continue As The Packers Face The Saints [Video]

Aaron Rodgers is loving life right now. The Packers’ all-star quarterback was just selected as the NFL offensive player of the week, following his performance against the Carolina Panthers. Rodgers also attended a Pearl Jam concert in Milwaukee, where, according to USA Today, front man Eddie Vedder told him that he thought Rodgers should be traded to the Bears for Jay Cutler. Vedder, a Bears fan, described his conversation with Rodgers to the audience, saying, “I never saw a grown man laugh so hard in my life.”

NBC Sports reports that President Obama also made the same proposal to Rodgers when the two met in 2011. But Vedder’s suggestion about an Aaron Rodgers trade carries a bit more weight than the president’s, since Vedder is technically Rodgers’ boss. The Packers are the only publicly owned team in the NFL, and Vedder owns Packers stock. Unfortunately for Vedder, his desire to make Rodgers a Bear would not go over very well with the other Packers stockholders. Not to mention that Packers stockholders have no say in decisions like trades, anyway, because Packers stock is largely symbolic. It can’t be sold on the market, and it is mainly issued when the Packers need to raise money for stadium improvements and such. Sorry Eddie, looks like Aaron isn’t available to help “Da Bears.”

Now Rodgers and the Packers are preparing to meet the Saints on Sunday night in New Orleans. The two teams have had some epic battles over the Rodgers and Drew Brees eras. The Packers have won twice and the Saints once, with each team’s wins coming on their home field. The games played at Lambeau have been close, with Rodgers and the Packers squeaking out a 28-27 win in the last meeting during the 2012 season. The season before that, the Packers won 42-34.

The one game that Rodgers started in the Superdome saw the Saints blow open a close contest in the second half to win 51-29 back in 2008. That game was on a Monday night and this one is on a Sunday night. But, other than being played at night and in New Orleans, this game is not likely to be similar to that Saints win. With Rodgers and Brees on the field, there’s no question the game will feature a lot of passing. But right now, these are two teams that appear to be going in different directions.

As reported in The Inquisitr in July, Aaron Rodgers came into this season fully healthy and has managed to stay that way. Rodgers and the Packers have won four straight and have put up 145 points in the process. Rodgers has thrown 18 touchdown passes so far this season, with only one interception. His current QB rating is a healthy 117.3. The Green Bay defense, led by Pro Bowler Clay Matthews, has only allowed 68 points over that same time frame.

The Saints, on the other hand, are 2-4 on the season and blew a lead against the Lions last Sunday, in a game the Packers and Aaron Rodgers would have loved for the Saints to win. Brees has tossed 11 touchdowns and has given up seven interceptions. His QB rating is currently 91.7.

Rodgers will have a healthy offense to work with as running back James Starks is the only offensive player listed on the Packers’ injury report. Aaron Rodgers working with a healthy offense featuring the likes of Jordy Nelson, Eddie Lacy and Randall Cobb should be enough to give a defensive coordinator nightmares. The Saints, who currently rank 21st in team defense, are likely to have their hands full with Rodgers and the Pack.

[Photo via The Collapse Report]