Pat Robertson On AIDS: You Can Get HIV From Towels! [Video]

Pat Robertson’s comments on AIDS, Ebola and even natural disasters have upset quite a few people over the years. Despite that, Pat has carved out a niche audience of America’s conservative Christians that have kept him going strong since the 1960s — even if statements Robertson makes on AIDS and hurricanes ignite a pundit-bashing war every once in a while.

Pat recently unleashed another such backlash when he made some controversial statements to a viewer who wrote in asking if Robertson thought it was safe for him to go on a mission to Kenya because of Ebola. While Pat actually downplayed the threat of contracting Ebola there, Robertson’s diatribe on AIDS in the region yielded conclusions that had the program backpedalling a few days later.

“You’re not [going to get Ebola] in Kenya., you might get AIDS in Kenya. The people have AIDS. There’s towels that could have AIDS.”

On Wednesday, Anderson Cooper called Robertson the “grouchy grandpa of televangelism” on a segment of his CNN show where he called out Pat’s ideas on the transmission of AIDS.

“We’re talking bed, bath and way, way beyond, people! If you, like Pat Robertson, somehow missed all the evidence, all the research, the depth and breadth of all the knowledge garnered about HIV and AIDS over the past three decades — you can’t get HIV if you share towels.”

This isn’t the first time Anderson and Pat have gotten into it; in fact, it’s not even the first time Cooper has had to clear up Robertson on AIDS in the last couple of years. Last August, Pat spoke about a ring worn by men in gay community that is used as a means of infecting unknowing victims with AIDS.

“They want to get people. So if they’ve got the stuff, they have a ring where they shake hands, and the ring has a little thing where you cut your finger… it’s that kind of vicious stuff which we would be the equivalent of murder.”

Only a few days after Robertson spoke out on the threat of contracting AIDS from towels, he was once again catching attention for comments he made last night calling the gay community “terrorists.”

“They’re trying to force people to marry them or else face jail. To make cakes honoring them or else go to jail, and give their service over and divulge their innermost thoughts, or go to jail. That’s kind of people we’re dealing with. These people are terrorists, radicals and extremists.”

What do you think about Pat Robertson’s comments on AIDS?

[Image via The 700 Club]