Enormous UFO Fleet Spotted Zipping By Earth’s Moon In 1080P [Video]

Nearly two years after an amateur star-gazer captured footage of a UFO fleet flying past the Earth’s moon, the video was uploaded to the internet Tuesday. The short tape shows how a site user spotted unidentified flying objects zooming by. The moon UFO sighting is now seen in stunning 1080p resolution.

The short video (2:35) that appears on Disclose.tv is without sound. But the footage of the fleet of UFOs by the satellite (in its half-moon phase) speaks for itself. Isotrop is the handle of the user who uploaded the footage (November 20, 2012). He writes that a camera was set up and trained on the moon over several nights and many hours.

The camera caught the moment about a dozen or more orbs appeared to have jettisoned from the surface of the moon, or were merely flying by. Video footage showed amazing detail of the moon’s surface in high-definition. However, the unidentified objects flying by were not discernible up close using the equipment.

As a result of the man’s shocking discovery of the moon’s UFO fleet, he tends to believe others who claim to have similar video of alien space crafts in the solar system.

The Inquisitr has covered stories about other UFO sightings in the recent past. One such incident occurred when a passenger aboard a Carnival Cruise Lines ship reported seeing an alien-like craft hovering along the coastline.

Sources say there has been an uptick in sightings of UFOs. By the numbers: in the month of August, there were 285 reports of people spotting UFOs. What do you make of this latest news? Is the “fleet” part of some covert NASA or military space program. Or is it proof of visitors from another planet?

[Image via: YouTube]