Alleged Drug Dealer Busted For Selling ‘Ebola’

Allegedly dealing Ebola-branded heroin from a motel room has landed a New Jersey man in jail.

Executing a search warrant based on information from a tipster, Tom’s River, New Jersey police took the man in custody on Monday after they found 600-plus packets of the drug, with some of the wax folds labeled “Ebola,” in a room at the Ramada Inn. Cops also discovered about 40 grams of crack in the raid.

The drugs weren’t really contaminated with the virus; the pseudo “trademark” stamp was just another manifestation of a branding technique often employed by enterprising drug dealers to distinguish their wares.

“Different dealers have different potencies and products. Many times they are labeled with catchy phrases,” said Officer Ralph Stocco. “In the past we have had Bin Laden, Hello Kitty, D.O.A., Twin Towers, 911, Gumball, Pow, etc.”

Added Sgt. Shaun O’Keeffe, the leader of the narcotics unit, “It’s usually a marketing tool for [dealers]… We have [drugs] stamped as the president, as the pope. You name it, they stamp it.” He added that he’s also encountered an “O.D.” stamp on drug packets.

Cops also noted that the Ramada Inn fully cooperated with the investigation and had no involvement in the alleged drug activity. “For perspective, the main hotel sits on the site and where this occurred is at a separate other building on the property as an ‘extended stay suite.’ It is 100 to 200 yards from the main hotel,” Officer Stocco explained.

Authorities charged the suspect — who was identified by multiple media outlets as Barnabas “Hammer” Davis — with possession of heroin, possession of heroin with intent to distribute, possession of crack cocaine, and possession of crack cocaine with the intent to distribute. As of Wednesday, he was being held subject to a $300,000 bond at Ocean County Jail.

In a completely unrelated attempt to perhaps cash in on the Ebola scare, a nutritional supplement containing vitamin C recently hit the marketplace with the product name Ebola-C. Apparently, the supplement is flying off the shelves.

[image via Shutterstock]