6 Foot Pet Boa Escapes: Cops ‘On The Lookout’ For Missing Boa Constrictor

A 6-foot pet boa constrictor escaped from its home in Ohio on Sunday and still has not been found. According to People Magazine, the snake was outside with its owner, enjoying a meal, when it “wandered off.” The owner of the snake did not violate any laws as boa constrictors are allowed as pets in the state of Ohio.

Police have been notified of the situation and have asked residents in the area to make sure they are checking their yards before allowing children to go out and play.

“Authorities caution that the snake will want to snuggle somewhere warm in cold temperatures, so home snake checks are advised,” reports People.

The 6 foot pet boa that escaped from its owner’s yard could really be anywhere by now. According to Cincinnati WLWT, parents in the area are worried that the sizable creature could end up in their yard or near their children.

“Having three small kids that play outside and it could be anywhere. Hopefully it’s not around here, hopefully it went further down the street, but still that’s my concern,” said local mother Holly Prost.

“[My daughter] was crying last night. She was scared that the snake was going to get in our house. I reassured her that pretty much out of all the whole street, I don’t think it’s going to pick our one house to go to or her room,” said Kim Bruekner, another mom in the area.

On the other hand, police aren’t too worried about the dangers that this snake could bring to children in the neighborhood.

“They don’t like you as much as you don’t like them, so they’re going to stay away. Although it’s increased a little bit of panic, personally I don’t have a fear, in talking with the Department of Agriculture, that this thing is going to come up and attack somebody or attack a child,” explained Chief Jim Howarth. Even still, no one really wants to see a snake of this size anywhere near their home — or their kids.

When a 6 foot pet boa escapes, people panic; that’s natural — especially if the snake is large. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, a 20-foot boa constrictor was loose in New Jersey in July. It is unknown if this snake was ever found but authorities deemed the animal too large to be kept as a pet. The snake was to be sent to a snake sanctuary to live out the rest of its life.

[Photo courtesy of Embreus via Wikimedia Commons]