Halloween Car Wash Prank Leaves Drivers Terrified [Video]

Ford recently uploaded a Halloween-themed YouTube video that featured unsuspecting drivers going through a haunted car wash.

For the video, Ford told a group of drivers that they would be taking a filmed test drive. However, before meeting for the test drive, they were to take the car through the car wash. Little did those in the vehicle know, but the car wash was one massive prank.

When posting the video to their official Facebook page, Ford notes that it was all in the spirit of Halloween.

“There’s nothing like spine-tingling screams and suds to get in the spirit of Halloween.”

The car wash was turned into a haunted wash of terrors, complete with alien lifeforms and a chainsaw wielding madman. It was evident from the second the colored lights started beaming into the car that this was no ordinary car wash.

The reactions from those riding in the cars are priceless. Some hold hands, others grab the doors to ensure they are locked. However, the best moment comes when all the passengers think the haunted ride is over as they exit the car wash. As the cars come out into the daylight, a man in a mask jumps out of the trunk area of the vehicle. Though the prank was being used as promotional material for Ford, it was pretty entertaining to watch.

That doesn’t take away from the fact that Ford was just involved in a massive recall involving airbags. The airbags can degrade, causing them to rupture upon inflation, sending dangerous shrapnel into the faces of those in the front seats. Four deaths and 30 injuries have already been associated with these problems.