December 25, 2017
Lady Gaga Buys Mansion From Warner Bros. Exec With An Underground 'Batcave'

Lady Gaga recently bought a large mansion that came with its own underground Batcave.

The Batcave can be accessed through a secret passage that is located in the living room, according to Yahoo! Homes.

Keep in mind that this Batcave is not the same one that loyal fans of the Caped Crusader have become used to seeing in comic books and big-screen movies over the years. Therefore, Lady Gaga will not be able to drive the Batmobile, access the Gotham City database on the Batcomputer or even change her clothes in the Batsuit chamber. However, she does have more than enough money to hire a butler named Alfred.

The fact that Lady Gaga bought the mansion from a Warner Bros executive (Dan Romanelli) also adds a little more to the Batman ambiance.

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Romanelli stated that "Batman was something that really helped build my division." Romanelli chose to have an underground Batcave in his home to store his vintage toys and arcade games in order to create a great room that was perfect for his grandchildren as well as "older people like myself who feel like kids."

Perhaps that is why Lady Gaga will still be able to enjoy countless hours of fun with the authentic 1960s bowling alley and pair of basketball free-throw machines that came with the house.

The new home of Lady Gaga also comes with a well-lit outdoor bocce ball court, a wine cellar capable of holding up to 800 bottles, a saltwater swimming pool and over 10,o00 square feet of living space. One of the major perks that will likely be shared between Lady Gaga and her beau Taylor Kinney is the master suite -- especially since it comes fully equipped with His & Hers bathrooms and walk-in closets.

When Romanelli purchased the land back in 2002, he paid $2 million for nearly six acres.

The actual mansion itself was built four years later in 2006. Since he and his wife kept horses on their land, Lady Gaga also gets to enjoy the grazing pastures, trails and riding arena if she ever feels like getting a horse of her own. According to the property listing found on The Agency website, the 8-year old estate "still feels and looks brand new" which is "a testament to its design and construction."

Even though it was listed by The Agency for $25 million, according to the Los Angeles Times, Lady Gaga was able to purchase it for only $23 million.

[Image Credit: The Agency]