Video Of Another UFO ‘Eye In The Sky’ Emerges In Wake Of Recent West Virginia UFO Sightings

In the wake of dramatic UFO sightings in West Virginia that featured three “football field sized” triangle shaped UFOs, followed by a fourth, smaller, unidentified flying (and flashing) object witnessed by 10 astonished coal workers, new UFO footage from 2013 has emerged, also captured in the skies of West Virginia.

The new West Virginia UFO witness and videographer stepped forward Monday, October 21st, presenting video he’d captured in 2013 when he spotted a UFO that had been “following” him since he’d left the town of Marmet, in the same area as the three triangle-shaped football field sized UFOs witnessed by the 10 West Virginia coal workers, reports Open Minds.

The UFO sometimes appears to be a spinning orb, sometimes an eye looking back at the camera, but clearly not anything easily recognizable.

The new UFO witness’s case, numbered 60779 by the Mutual UFO Network, or MUFON, took place at approximately 7:15 p.m. on April 2, 2013, in Cross Lanes, which is about 24 miles northwest of Marmet. The witness uploaded his video footage of the UFO event with the MUFON report and the uploaded YouTube video of the UFO footage is posted below.

Since capturing the footage, the witness has suffered both physical and emotional trauma, also claiming that other evidence associated with his UFO sighting was taken off his computer. At the same time, the UFOs witnessed by his fellow West Virginians is what prompted him to release his footage now.

“I have seen this two times now in two years with video and pictures. My neighbor and son also saw this as I intended to use their telescope to get a closer look. I had nose bleeding for the next year (after videoing the UFO) and felt very uncomfortable in my home. Today it was posted as many have had disbelief. My son sent me pictures and news of a football field object seen in Mamet, West Virginia. I have seen this also in many areas of the globe — not just here — and most look the same.”

This new West Virginia UFO footage is almost 10 minutes long and captures the witness’s verbal disbelief, along with attempts to explain what he’s seeing throughout, including mentioning that the UFO had been “following” him before he got it on camera.

According to West Virginia State Director Fred Saluga, the 2013 video footage brought forth today may be unrelated to the coal workers’ case, which is currently under investigation.

“I’m trying to make contact with the witnesses in that case,” said Saluga. “I have spoken to one family member so far and am arranging times to talk with the actual witnesses.”

Cross Lanes is a suburb of Charleston in Kanawha County, West Virginia, population 9,995.

[Image and Video via YouTube]