RFID Chips Will Be In Ebola Vaccines? Is This True?

Ever since the Ebola virus started infecting American citizens, it succeeded in spreading another major epidemic; fear. As more and more news of people with Ebola-like symptoms are reported, order is harder to maintain. The Inquisitr reported on this effect on people in which people are willing to buy fake cures. Presently, the only drug that may potentially be the vaccine for Ebola is ZMapp. Though it may be a potential cure, other negative rumors have spawned and are spreading in association to the vaccine. What is frightening is the rumors change up all the time.

Now, there are reports on a rumor that the Ebola vaccine will contain RFID chips. The news became even more widely known when other news sites outside the primary source followed up with their own reports. However, after some research into the matter, it is also been found out that the rumor of RFID chips in the Ebola vaccine are actually false.

The hoax started thanks to an article by the National Report, a known satire news website. They report that a whistleblower for the Center for Disease Control (CDC) exposed a nefarious government plan in which to use the impending U.S. Ebola pandemic of fear to implant RFID chip technology into American people. Brent Hopkins was supposedly a CDC contractor before coming forward with the allegations that the vaccine will be prepared for the general public in the form of disposable, one-use syringes that contains the vaccine and and RFID chip.

To make the hoax article seem more realistic, it mixed in a bit of honest theories that are quote probably because it has happened in history before. This includes using Alex Jones and how his website reported the theory that Ebola was introduced into the United States as a means of population control and/or martial law. Present news that it was proven in a controlled study that one out of three Americans have an RFID chip on them without their knowledge also added to the hoax article fire.

It is because of Snopes, we now understood that the RFID chips in Ebola vaccines is written upon the stirred fears of those afraid of Ebola. Looks like National Report is now thoroughly exposed, especially since the article explains that National Report is known for satire news. As examples, their headlines are usually click-baiting titles such as "15-Year-Old Who 'SWATTED' Gamer Convicted of Domestic Terrorism" and "Solar Panels Drain the Sun's Energy, Experts Say."

Now that you know that the news about RFID chips in Ebola vaccines is fake, what are your views about it? Is it possible that Ebola vaccines could be used to implant RFID chips without any of us knowing?