UFO Spotted Near International Space Station, Lack Of Response From NASA Fuels Conspiracy Theories

A UFO was spotted earlier this month during a NASA space recording at the International Space Station, and now nearly two weeks later the lack of an official explanation is fueling conspiracy theories about the spotting.

The incident happened on October 7 when NASA Astronaut Reid Wiseman and European Space Agency Engineer Alexander Gerst led a project at the International Space Station to fix an electrical problem. NASA later uploaded to YouTube a video of the spacewalk, and some keen-eyed viewers spotted what appeared to be a UFO in the background.

The footage was grainy and the object unclear, but in the video it appeared to float just a short distance from the International Space Station.

The Guardian Liberty Voice offered some explanations:

Several different news media sources have offered possible explanations as to what the UFO could be. One explanation was that it could have been a resupply craft that had visited the International Space Station.

It could have been the Space X Dragon ship and it had come to the ISS on Sept. 23. It was followed up by another space craft 48 hours later known as a Soyuz TMA 14M, which had new crew members for the station. However, both of these crafts are presently locked onto the ISS and the UFO that shows up in the recording does not look like it is connected to the International Space Station in any kind of way.

The report also said the UFO seen near the international space station could have been something as simple and common as a lens flare, which is just a bit of light setting off the camera.

Though experts agree there are many good explanations that do not involve alien-driven spacecraft, the relative silence from NASA has furthered the UFO conspiracy theories. Many have pointed out that NASA has been quick to offer explanations in other space mix-ups, like reported alien sightings from the Mars space rover. There has not been an explanation of the UFO spotted near the International Space Station, which to some is seen as more evidence that it could be legitimate.