Ottawa Shootings: Civilians Tried To Save Soldier’s Life Following Attack

In the chaos that ensued following the shooting of a Canadian soldier during the Ottawa shootings on Wednesday morning, civilians attempted to save the mortally wounded man. Shocked bystanders watched in horror as a gunman attacked the guard at the National War Memorial and left him to die on the street.

As the shooting rampage continued across the street in a Parliament building where legislators were in session along with Prime Minister Stephen Harper and 30-50 shots rang inside, civilians were attempting to valiantly save the life of the deceased soldier. Dramatic photos posted to Twitter and other social media sites show how a woman comes to perform CPR on the injured service man.

Mashable reports that witnesses saw two separate locations where civilians were attending injured victims following the shootings. Authorities in Ottawa have confirmed that, sadly, the unidentified soldier has passed away from his wounds.

In one of the photos captured by reporters, a woman is seen springing into action to offer mouth to mouth resuscitation to the wounded soldier as he lays on the steps of the National War Memorial.

The CBC’s Jason Ho, who was in the area of the memorial, said, “I had just passed war memorial and I heard a bang. I turned around and saw man holding up large gun. There was a commotion, people starting ducking and running. I ran back. People surrounding soldier doing CPR.”

According to Stuart Barnable, a Senate staffer who tweeted that he saw the shooting in Ottawa as it happened, the shooter was carrying a “long rifle” and his face was covered.

The Globe and Mail captured dramatic video footage of what was happening inside Parliament during the shooting. In the video, security personnel are seeing rushing to the scene where the shots are coming from. It is reported that PM Harper as well as members of the three leading political parties were conducting their weekly meetings when the shooter stormed the building.

More news on the Ottawa shooting soldier as it becomes avaiable.

[Image via CBCTwitter]