Woman Spends £4,000 To Shield Her House From Wi-Fi, Mobile Signals, Saying They Make Her Sick

There is a long standing debate about signals emanating from wireless access devices and mobile phones affecting humans. While the supporters of the theory make and buy products that claim to shield the user from these ‘harmful’ electromagnetic waves, the opponents strongly point out there have been no conclusive studies that prove these waves actually do any harm. However, a woman in Steyning, a quaint town in London, decided to protect her entire house from these waves.

Stefanie Russell, 72, claims radiation from Wi-Fi internet and mobile phone signals give her headaches and nausea which make it impossible for her to be near some types of technology. Hence, she has spent thousands of pounds making her home Wi-Fi proof to protect her health.

Stefanie believes her condition originates by what she refers to as ‘electro-sensitivity’. She claims electro-sensitivity makes her violently ill whenever she is in vicinity of a device that emits radio waves, reported The Mirror. She revealed that her condition is so acute, she cannot even travel on buses because of the sheer number of portable devices being used. Interestingly, she confessed that her condition hasn’t been attested by a doctor,

“I’ve not been diagnosed by a doctor but my GP surgery is aware of my condition. Every time I am near Wi-Fi or mobile phone signals I feel ill. It makes it difficult for me to get around and see people. I don’t touch the internet or email – it’s not safe.”

Instead of waiting for the administration to catch-up, Stefanie researched the topic extensively and reportedly read hundreds of articles which warn of health consequences as serious as cancer, before deciding she needed to take drastic steps to protect her wellbeing.

Having already shunned mobile phones and computers, she went ahead and spent about £4,000 to shield her house from Wi-Fi and mobile signals, reported Iran Daily. The consultants and specialists she hired recommended and eventually covered her house in Shooting Fields in four coats of thick, ray-repelling paint. The paint is doing its job, claimed Stefanie,

“The painting inside and outside my house is nearly complete. I feel much better now I’m more protected.”

However, not relying merely on her health, the grandmother even has a wireless signal monitoring device to actually verify if all the money has been well-spent or not.

“I have a device which helps me to detect how many wireless signals are near and I’m reassured that I will not have unwanted Wi-Fi guests coming into my home.”

Not content with protecting herself, Stefanie has begun to appeal to schools to listen to the warnings about Wi-Fi and shield children from possible health risks.

Her advice is,

“Schools could use broadband instead of Wi-Fi, protecting them from early exposure to radiation. This is important – exposing them at an early age is essentially ‘cooking’ our children.”

Cell-phone radiation is a real thing. However, its long-term effects on humans still isn’t clear. Till the time a research institute settles the dispute, products which claim to protect the user from radiation will continue to be sold with no scientific backing.

[Image Credit | The Argus]