Terror Attack In Jerusalem: Palestinian Plows Car Into Crowd Injuring Eight Including 3-Month-Old Baby

A Palestinian man from the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Silwan injured eight people, including a 3-month-old baby, when he plowed his car at high speed into a crowd of people waiting for a Jerusalem Light Rail train earlier today.

The driver of the car, who is known to the police already, tried to flee the scene of the terror attack on foot but was shot by police and is currently recovering in the hospital.

Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said the police were investigating the incident but that all signs pointed to an intentional attack. “There is a strong possibility that it was a terror attack,” he said. Interior Security Minister Aharonovich spoke at the scene and said that “all signs indicate this is a terror attack.”

The driver of the car has served time in prison before but, due to the fact Israel is a democracy, he was perfectly entitled to drive in the predominantly Jewish West Jerusalem streets where the incident occurred.

According to the Hadassah Mount Scopus Medical Center, the three-month-old baby girl who was hit by the car was still in critical condition and attempts to save her life were still ongoing.

Two of the other seven victims were also reported to be in serious condition while the rest suffered from milder injuries.

A paramedic who was at the scene told reporters that the baby’s mother “brought her to me with a serious head wound. She told me that the car hit the stroller and she was hysterical. The baby was unconscious.”

This is not the first time innocent train passengers have been targeted by Arab terror in Jerusalem as back on October 12, the Jerusalem Light Rail came under a hail of stones in five separate attacks. All of the incidents took place in the train’s East Jerusalem stations, near Shuafat, which is an Arab-Israeli neighborhood.