Ottawa Shootings: Rideau Centre On Lockdown, Third Possible Shooting Location

The Ottawa shooting at the Parliament Hill earlier this morning appears to possibly be just one of three possible related attacks. Shots fired reports have been reported at the Rideau Centre Mall near the Canadian National War Memorial. The soldier guarding the war memorial near the Canadian Parliament building has died.

The first two Ottawa shootings took place first at the war memorial and then on Parliament Hill. Shots were reportedly exchanged at Rideau Centre Mall and at least one suspected gunman is now dead, according to The Epoch Times.

Although the nature of the Rideau Centre Mall shooting is currently unclear and any relation to the Parliament Hill and war memorial shootings remains strictly conjecture, the Ottawa police have confirmed the incident. “Shooting incidents at the National War Memorial, near the Rideau Centre and Parliament Hill this morning,” a tweet from Ottawa law enforcement said.

“The Rideau Centre shopping mall, the National War Memorial and Centre Block are on a straight 2-block line along Wellington St,” an Ottawa resident tweeted. Schools in the area are also on lockdown.

Ottawa residents are reportedly being warned that a shooter or shooters could be on the roof of a building and to stay off the street and away from windows.

NORAD has scrambled jets as a precautionary measure, according to CNN breaking news reports. The news outlet also stated that U.S. officials put out a release stating that after speaking with Canadian officials, they can reveal that there is no confirmed link between the Ottawa shooting and “violent Islamic extremism” – ISIS, but added that it is still early in the investigation. The doors at the Canadian Embassy in the United States have been locked and heightened security measures to protect diplomatic staff have been taken.

Check back with The Inquisitr for more details about the possible three Ottawa shooting incidents as soon as more details become available.

At the Rideau centre but everyone here is safe. Won’t be moving for a while though, that’s for sure. #OttawaShooting #besafe

— Pat Arbour (@arbsy) October 22, 2014

Do you think ISIS is involved in the Ottawa shooting?

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