Allen Prue Convicted Of First-Degree Murder In The Death Of Melissa Jenkins

A Vermont jury has found Allen Prue guilty of first-degree murder, conspiracy to commit murder, and attempted kidnapping. Prue and his wife are accused in the 2012 death of 33-year-old schoolteacher Melissa Jenkins.

According to reports, Allen Prue was obsessed with the single mother. In an attempt to appease her husbands fantasies, Patricia Prue helped plan the woman’s kidnapping, sexual assault and murder.

On the evening of March 25, 2012, Patricia called Melissa for help. She stated that she and her husband were stranded due to car trouble. Although the suspects and victim were not friends, Allen often plowed Melissa’s driveway. Unfortunately, the single mother was more than willing to help someone in need.

Melissa Jenkins strapped her 2-year-old son into his car seat and drove to the couple’s location. When she arrived, Allen and Patricia reportedly took turns strangling her to death.

As reported by International Business Times, the Prues placed Melissa’s lifeless body in the back seat of their car and drove away. The beloved school teacher’s nude body was found in the Connecticut River the following day.

An autopsy revealed that Melissa was beaten, electrocuted with a stun gun, sexually assaulted, and strangled to death.

Witness reports eventually led authorities to Allen and Patricia Prue. Although they deny planning the abduction and murder, the couple admitted killing the single mother. In the course of investigation, detectives later uncovered evidence that the couple planned the abduction and murder for several months. Allen and Patricia were both arrested charged with numerous counts, including first-degree murder.

As reported by WPTZ, a Vermont jury has determined that Allen Prue is guilty on all counts.

Although the couple was charged in the same crime, their trials are being held separately. Prior to the conviction, Allen’s attorney argued that his client was unaware of Patricia’s plot to kidnap and murder Melissa Jenkins. However, prosecutors provided evidence and witness testimony, which suggests the couple planned and committed the crime together.

Throughout the trial, the state presented evidence that the couple worked together to lure the victim to the scene, strangle her to death, dump her body, and cloak evidence of their crime. During a police interview, Allen admitted that he wanted to “get a girl” and that he had propositioned the victim on at least one occasion. However, he vehemently denies choosing Melissa as a victim and planning her abduction and murder.

Allen Prue’s conviction is a victory for Melissa Jenkins’ family and friends. Although they may find a degree of closure, the Vermont community is still mourning the devastating loss.

[Images via WPTZ and The Miracle Journal]