Woman Who Helped Defeat Hitler By Sleeping With Nazis Is Honored With Plaque

A nurse who divided the Czech community in which she lived because she regularly slept with Hitler’s henchmen has had a plaque erected in her memory.

The unnamed nurse in question didn’t sleep with hordes of Nazis because she was the promiscuous type or because she couldn’t resist a man in uniform, she did it to give the Nazi invaders sexually transmitted diseases, according to people in the South Bohemian town of Trebon.

Locals say the femme fatale worked in a local hospital and, after she was raped following the occupation of Czechoslovakia in 1939, decided to exact her revenge on assorted members of Hitler’s army.

Initially, the mystery nurse was shunned by the locals and branded as a whore for her behavior but when the soldiers she slept with began to disappear or die, more and more people began to realize it was because she was deliberately infecting them.

Former lawyer Karel Friml now lives in the dead nurse’s house and has fought long and hard to have her memory recognized. The 79-year-old told the Daily Mail that it was a crying shame she died anonymously and believes the nurse proved through her actions that she was a real hero.

“Unfortunately, we don’t know her exact name because time and memories have failed to preserve it. But we know that she was assigned to look after wounded German soldiers and began affairs with them.”

“This was her resistance and vengeance for the rape of her country and her personal rape. She had many German lovers, maybe six, maybe ten, maybe more. People say that all of them disappeared after the affair with her.”

Following the invasion of Czechoslovakia by the Nazis, Hitler ordered that the Czechs’ new rulers quickly set about mobilizing the population for labour to aid the German war effort.

The Gestapo, meanwhile, set about dismantling the Czech intelligentsia and middle class according to a plan to eventually eradicate the Czech national identity through assimilation and deportation.

When the Gestapo heard rumors of a mystery nurse who was intentionally giving Nazi soldier STDs, they sent an agent to investigate. Mr Friml explains it didn’t end well for the young nurse.

“The Gestapo noticed that these people were disappearing and sent a secret agent to the hospital. He uncovered what she was up to and had her shot.”

“I am really sorry that she died anonymously, I think she was a hero. And that’s why we have made this memorial plaque to her and placed it on the wall of the house.”

However, regional historian and curator of the museum in Trebon explained that opinion is still very much divided upon the exact nature of the mystery nurse’s actions and her role in Hitler’s downfall.

“The woman is historically unrecognized with no known documents mentioning her, but several people remember her story and opinion is divided.”

“Some say she was a slut and spread sexually transmitted diseases among German officers; others say she was a real patriot who was raped and infected by the Nazis and she decided to get her revenge.”