2014 Apple Black Friday Ad: Apple Stores Won’t Have Best Holiday Deals — Who Will?

Apple Black Friday Ad 2014

The best 2014 Apple Black Friday deals may not be found at the Apple Stores, with big box retailers like Best Buy, Target and Walmart likely to offer up the best bargains on iPads, MacBooks, and iPhones on the biggest shopping day of the year.

The official Apple Store Black Friday ad always creates plenty of buzz online every year, but it usually fails when it comes to offering the best price on popular Apple gadgets. The company’s retail stores may be glamorous, but the bargains and extra perks — like gift cards with purchase — at other retailers are too good to pass up for budget-minded shoppers.

Although Consumers Affairs reports that holidays shoppers will spend 25 percent more on gifts this year, saving money on big-ticket items is very important for many holiday shoppers. Chances are they will head to the store that offers the biggest discount on Apple goodies, unless are such die-hard fans of the company that they can’t bear to shop anywhere else.

If an iPod touch, iPhone, iPad or new Mac are on your holiday list, it pays to shop around. Last year, Target gave away gift cards ranging from $50 – $150 with the purchase of various Apple products on Black Friday. Walmart had similar deals and Best Buy offered deep discounts on the MacBook and iTunes gift cards.

Deal News reports that last year was the first year that Apple added a gift card bonus to their deals, perhaps trying to mimic the competition. The downside? There was no discount on the product itself. Previous to 2013, Apple offered a one-day Black Friday sale that featured a 5 -10 percent discount on Macs and iPads, but that still wasn’t enough to compete with Best Buy’s holiday deals.

The 2014 Apple Black Friday ad will not be leaked like other ads, so expect to find out about the one-day deals right at midnight on Nov. 28. Time will tell if the company steps it up and competes with their big box competitors this year.

[Image: NJ.com]