Game Of Thrones BIG Spoilers: Leaked On-Set Photos Show Tyrion Lannister — Where?

Game of Thrones Season 5 will take some of the broadest liberties yet with George R.R. Martin’s bestselling series of novels in his epic saga A Song Of Ice And Fire. Or so it seems, based on a batch of on-set photos leaked online Tuesday.

Take a look at this photo. If you’re a fan of the books, you’ll notice something amiss right away.

Game of Thrones spoilers

No, we don’t mean the bottled water. Obviously, this shot was snapped between takes.

We’re talking about Tyrion Lannister — portrayed as always by American actor Peter Dinklage — seated next to Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke) and her new husband, the Meereenese aristocrat Hizdahr zo Loraq.

Now, the fact that Daenerys remarries for strategic reasons is right out of the novels that form the basis for Game of Thrones, specifically the novel A Dance With Dragons.

But in that book, Tyrion is nowhere to be found, at least not in the locale pictured here. Game of Thrones fans will easily recall that Season 4 ended with “The Imp,” Tyrion escaping his death sentence after being wrongly convicted of killing the sadistic King Joffrey. And on his way out, Tyrion makes a quick pit stop to assassinate his own father with a crossbow as the old tyrant sits on the commode.

With the help of the cunning eunuch Lord Varys, Tyrion gets out of King’s Landing alive, but his escape sets him on what in the novels is a harrowing journey that takes many months and sends him on many perilous adventures.

So what’s he doing sitting at the right hand of Daenerys and her new betrothed? Good question.

Clearly the writers of the HBO version of Game of Thrones aren’t interested in Tyrion’s numerous detours and subplots. They just want him to meet up with another fan favorite character as quickly as possible.

And then — wait a minute. What’s this, then?

Game of Thrones spoilers

That leaked photo shows the exiled Ser Jorah (Iain Glen) who now, apparently, is a gladiator performing for Daenerys — and it looks like he’s pretty good at this game as he appears in this photo to get the drop on a much younger opponent.

At the end of Game of Thrones Season 4, Jorah has suffered his own exile. When Daenerys smokes him out as an informant for the Lannisters — who have a tight grip on the very Westeros throne that the “Mother of Dragons” considers her own birthright — she turns on her former best friend and send him our of her sight forever.

But apparently not quite forever, because here is again. Back so soon?

In the Game of Thrones novels, Tyrion does indeed meet Jorah and they do indeed team up. But as with Tyrion’s own journey, that doesn’t happen for quite some time and they definitely are not present in Meereen at the gladiatoral games reluctantly staged by Daenerys to celebrate her new marriage.

What are Tyrion and Jorah up to in Season 5? What kind of plot are they hatching? The answers will have to wait until the next batch of spoilers leaks on to the web. Or, until Game of Thrones returns to the HBO airwaves in April of 2015.

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