Monday's 'General Hospital' Spoilers: Alexis Is Hesitant & Her Girls Are Uncertain

Monday brings an episode of General Hospital that viewers had waited nearly a week to see. This show was originally slated to air last Tuesday. However, ABC had to push things out day-after-day as the Trump impeachment trial preempted the soap. Spoilers indicate that there's quite a bit on the way with this upcoming show as well as with the episodes airing throughout the week of February 15.

The General Hospital sneak peek shared via Twitter reveals that the "Davis girls" will be back together again for the first time in a while. Unfortunately, this reunion isn't for a joyous occasion. They are gathering to head to the funeral service for Sonny together, but it seems there will be some tense moments before they go.

Alexis' three daughters will meet up at her place. Kristina is back for the first time in quite a while, and General Hospital fans have been wondering why it's taken this long. She's Sonny's daughter, yet she hasn't even been mentioned in all of the recent drama.

Kristina, Sam, and Molly will be expecting Alexis to join them for Sonny's memorial service. However, Alexis will tell her daughters that she thinks they will be better received without her.

This is fairly understandable, considering Alexis' recent attack and accidental stabbing of Dante with a syringe. Dante obviously will be at his father's service, as will his mother Olivia, so Alexis may well be persona non-grata there.

General Hospital spoilers suggest that Kristina will insist that she needs her mom by her side during this difficult time. Alexis will get dressed and be prepared to join her girls, while Molly will seemingly be hovering a bit and feel guilty about it.

There will also be some talk about Alexis' legal troubles. She could end up in jail after what happened with Dante, and Molly will note that a lot will be riding on Alexis staying sober.

Once she's dressed, Alexis will send the others out to the car ahead of her. Then, she will manage to find one bottle of liquor that she'd had hidden away. She'll take a swig, and General Hospital teasers detail that Molly will see her.

How will Molly handle this? According to SheKnows Soaps, Alexis will come clean in some sense on Tuesday. General Hospital spoilers detail that next week, she will try once again to smooth things over with Olivia, but she certainly has her work cut out for her on this front.