Michael Sam Cut From Dallas Cowboys, Will ‘Continue To Fight For An Opportunity’

Michael Sam

Michael Sam has officially been released by the Dallas Cowboys.

According to a report released by ESPN, the Dallas Cowboys waived the defensive end from their practice squad and have decided to sign linebacker Troy Davis.

Michael Sam did not hesitate to use his official Twitter account to post his reaction the news. Michael started off by thanking the team owner (Jerry Jones), the Cowboys organization and fans for their support.

“I want to thank the Jones family and the entire Cowboys organization for this opportunity as well as my friends, family, teammates and fans for their support.”

Michael admitted that the news of his release was “disappointing.”

Perhaps it is even more disappointing since the Dallas Cowboys were not the first NFL team to cut him. Earlier this year, Michael Sam failed to make the cut within the 53-man roster of the St. Louis Rams as well.

Even though Michael Sam could have been very sour about the Dallas Cowboys deciding to cut him, he has decided to take the high road and view the time that he spent with them as a learning experience.

“While this is disappointing, I will take the lessons I learned here in Dallas and continue to fight for an opportunity to prove that I can play every Sunday.”

Just last week, Michael Sam received a great report from Coach Jason Garrett as well as defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli. According to ESPN, Garrett stated that Michael Sam came “to work every day” and practiced hard. However, ESPN also reports that the Dallas Cowboys never seriously considered adding Michael Sam to their active roster — especially since their rookie defensive end DeMarcus Lawrence will be able to play against the Arizona Cardinals on November 2.

Many people that there is still hope for Michael Sam being signed to another NFL team, especially with such a good report coming from the Dallas Cowboys.

What do you think? Will Michael Sam get a chance to play for another NFL team? Or, should he just be happy with the opportunities that he has had since the NFL draft and move on with his life?

[Image Credit: Fansided]