Sarah Palin Brawl: Police Photos Made Public, But Don’t Show Anyone’s Face — Can You ID The Perps?

Sarah Palin and her family were involved in a huge brawl last month in Anchorage, Alaska, and though the former Republican vice-presidential candidate and half-term Alaska governor has yet to speak publicly about the violent altercation, or even acknowledge that the so-called “Palin Family Brawl” even took place, police have now released photographs from the aftermath of the wild affair.

UPDATE — 10:15 pm Eastern Time: Anchorage Police later on Tuesday also released audio of a police interview with Bristol Palin, in which she describes events that, she says, ignited the brawl. That audio can be accessed at this link.

Sarah Palin, though she has spoken out frequently on other topics in the ensuing six weeks since news of the September 6 brawl at the Anchorage home of Korey Klingenmeyer became public, has maintained a stony silence about the incident. However, according to one media report, she has not been reluctant to express her views within her own family, telling her three oldest children, “You’re all headed to the drunk tank!”

Track Palin, 25, Bristol Palin, 24, and Willow Palin, 20, were all identified in a police report released earlier this month as central figures in the brawl, which involved about 20 people. Bristol Palin in particular was described in the police report as “heavily intoxicated.”

Palin Brawl Police Photo

Palin Brawl Police Photo

The police report says that cops took photos of both Track Palin and Bristol Palin in the aftermath of the brawl, though no arrests were made. It appears that they may be the female and male in the crime scene photos released on Tuesday — but no identification has been confirmed.

Palin Brawl Police Photo Female

Palin Brawl Police Photo Male

Now, one online news site is asking readers to help establish positive IDs for the various individuals in the photos. Talking Points Memo says that an Anchorage police spokesperson said that most of the documents — presumably including the photos — relating to the Sarah Palin brawl had been edited in accordance with state privacy laws.

As Talking Points Memo notes, one photo shows only the feet of a group of people. But one of those pairs of feet is clad in red, white and blue high top sneakers. Those sneakers appear to match the description of footwear worn by Sarah Palin herself, according to a witness present at the scene of the melee who spoke to the media last month.

Palin Brawl Police Photo Feet

Several of the photos show a black-haired young woman who seems to resemble Bristol Palin. One of those photos shows what could be faint red marks or perhaps bruising on the woman’s legs, around the knee areas.

Palin Brawl Police Photo legs

According to the police report, Bristol was knocked down and dragged by the legs by Klingenmeyer after she repeatedly punched the homeowner when he attempted to calm her down. The report said that Bristol instigated the Sarah Palin family brawl when she marched into the party announcing she was going to “knock that b***h out!” The report did not specify who Bristol was referring to.