Disturbing Moth In Ear Video: Friends Pull Moth And Bloodsucker From Friend’s Ear Canal

This moth-in-ear video is guaranteed to screw up your day.

The victim appears to be a man named Jacob Stanfield, and I don’t know where this guy went to get what he got stuck in his ear, but he did it.

And it’s gross.

To the credit of Jacob and his friends, they had a really good time with this, though you have to feel sorry for Stanfield. Who cares how it happened — the fact that it did should have you wearing earmuffs to bed at night.

But enough of me selling you on this. Feast your eyes and be glad you’re not him. YouTube and I now give you the moth in ear video. (Special appearance by a tick, also lodged in Stanfield’s ear.)

As of this posting, 555,000 people have watched the moth-in-ear video, which initially made it to the web at the end of September.

Commenters were largely supportive of what this poor guy had to endure. One, a Justin Magnum, even shared his own harrowing experience with critters finding their way into his ear.

“Sadly, been there, done that, it’s terrifying. (spider, not tick for me.) Seriously, I went insane, jumped in shower poured water in… no luck. Got out and ended up just sitting there waiting for the thing to go on its way, then cleaned the F out of my ear.”

Other commenters offered some helpful suggestions for how to get the moth out of the man’s ear.

“Next time try putting on a pair of headphones and blasting the latest One Direction song into your ear, if that doesn’t scare them out nothing will.” (Others suggested Justin Bieber.)

Surprisingly — or perhaps not surprisingly depending on your viewpoint — this isn’t the first time that a story like this has made the national news.

In China, medical personnel had to remove a spider in a woman’s ear, and it was a big one.

That case happened in 2012.

The moth-in-ear video, however, is more disturbing because it allows you to see in graphic detail the movement. Probably the roughest part of the video for me was when the moth first introduces himself — I would have thought tick until actually seeing this — when the thing flutters its wings.

The ending is pretty rough, too.

Have you guys ever had an experience similar to the moth-in-ear video above? Share your horror stories below.