Eva Mendes Leaving Hollywood? Actress Wants To Be A Wife, Mom Full Time

Eva Mendes might be leaving Hollywood. The actress reportedly wants to be a full time wife and mom, leaving fame in Hollywood where it belongs. According to OK! Magazine, having a baby has made Eva realize that she wants to have a quiet home life with a family. In fact, it sounds like Eva is ready to move out of Beverly Hills and into a home in a suburb — you know, with a white picket fence.

“It’s been tough on her hiding away with so much attention on her, and she’s turned into a fierce mama bear. She’s so fed up with the fame game and couldn’t think of anything worse than raising a child in LA,” a source shared.

Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling welcomed a baby girl in September. Since becoming pregnant Eva has really kept quiet, barely going out in public or being caught by the paparazzi. Feeling the need to hide isn’t fun and certainly isn’t something that most people would want to do. Surely Eva and Ryan would like to live a normal life — take their daughter to the playground without paparazzi trying to snap photos, for example. Perhaps this does mean that a move to somewhere more private is in order. Some celebrities are willing to deal with it, and some aren’t.

“Ryan’s all for it and they’re talking about ranches in Utah or Ojai… They’re incredibly happy and they want to be married as soon as she’s ready,” the source added.

According to Mail Online, Eva is still working. Her fall campaign for New York & Co. was recently released, but it looks like the photos were taken before Eva was really showing. Since giving birth, Eva and Ryan haven’t been spotted out together. Sources say that they have been staying home with their little girl, enjoying every moment of the newborn phase.

Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling named their baby Esmeralda Amada. According to The Inquisitr, the couple went for a “Disney” theme, and it’s not completely clear how the couple decided on the moniker. In fact, it was previously speculated that Eva and Ryan would stick with something in the family, perhaps naming the baby after one of their mothers. People seem to like the name, nonetheless. Other details, such as the baby’s weight and length, were not revealed.

Do you think Eva and Ryan should move out of Hollywood? Do you think Eva will give up her career to be a full time mom?

[Photo courtesy of Jamie McCarthy/WireImage.com via TV Guide]