Another School Declares War On Leggings And Yoga Pants, Banned Unless Approriate

Another public school, another ban, or at least that seems to be the trend. From chapstick to cupcakes, it seems there is no end to the list of things being forbidden or banned. At one time, the worst thing public school kids worried about, was whether uniforms were coming to a school near them. The Inquisitr reported just over a week ago about a California charter school, in a bizarre move, banned Christian books and authors who have professed faith.

“According to a civil right’s group, Springs Charter Schools in Temecula, California, is banning all Christian books from its public library.The Pacific Justice Institute stated that the school ban has not just targeted books on Christian subject matter, but also by authors identifying as Christian, including a book about the Holocaust.”

Now, in one of what possibly makes the sixth school to go down this path to a ban, a Michigan school has banned leggings and “Yoga pants.” Niles High school has decided that leggings and yoga pants are banned in their school, unless appropriately matched with a shirt or skirt. The Province reports that one parent is not too happy about the ban. Lynn Roberts, a yoga instructor, suggests the ban might be “too c0nservative” or “strict”.

“I think it should be on a case-by-case basis. I have two daughters. I get letters from school about tank tops with spaghetti straps, or short skirts, or showing too much cleavage.”

According to WWMT, Niles High School interim Superintendent Dr. Michael Lindley said the move to ban leggings came because “fashion changes.”

“When we wrote the policy, I had never heard of leggings. I certainly had heard of yoga pants, and other kinds of things.”

Some have led the charge that only girls are affected by bans from the high school, but school officials point out that “baggy pants” have also been subject to a ban themselves.

This Michigan High School is not the first to ban leggings or Yoga pants, as schools in Illinois, California, Massachusetts, Oklahoma, and North Dakota. The school in North Dakota seemed to cross the line when Devils Lake High School not only instituted a ban, but also shamed the girls by one teacher saying they looked like “prostitutes walking the streets”, and forcing them to watch pretty woman for comparison.

Certainly, Yoga pants are quite form fitting, and some leggings can be a little too see-thru. One company called Lululemon, had to recall their line of leggings because they became more see-thru with each wash, according to The Province. However, some of the bans and subsequent actions seem to have crossed the line.

What are your thoughts? Are school bans going above and beyond, or are there some merit to their decisions?

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