Marie Osmond Reports She’s in Great Health

Singer Marie Osmond assured her fan base she is “doing really well” after a brief hospitalization in Las Vegas on Wednesday, October 26, where she was treated for bronchitis.

According to earlier reports, Osmond, 52, was performing with her brother, Donny Osmond, at the Flamingo when toward the end of the show, Marie’s voice sounded hoarse and she reportedly complained of tightness in her lungs.

After she finished the performance, Marie headed to the hospital and underwent a series of medical tests to determine what happened.

“So the allergies went into a bronchitis,” she tweeted. “Didn’t realize it until I went to hit the high notes last night on stage.”

Following her evaluation by the hospital, Osmond was given the OK by doctors to sing on Thursday and went right back to work with brother Donny performing the 90-minute show for her faithful fans.

“I’m fine,” the singer told People magazine on Sunday. “I had a cough. I’m doing really well. It was a big deal that was made from nothing. I feel great.”

While no future dates the “Donny & Marie” Osmond variety show have been canceled thus far, select numbers may be shortened or cut to allow Marie’s voice to rest.

In case you’ve never heard Marie Osmond sing, check out the video below of her singing Paper Roses: