Kate Middleton: ‘I’m Just Happy To Be Out Of The House’

Kate Middleton has finally made her first public appearance since she announced her pregnancy over a month ago, and she’s admitted that she’s “just happy to be out of the house.”

Middleton has been incapacitated since September 8 because of her severe morning sickness, which was actually diagnosed as Hyperemesis Gravidarum. She managed to join her husband, Prince William, to greet the President Of Singapore, who is currently on a trip to the United Kingdom on Tuesday.

The Duchess has actually met President Tony Tan and his wife, Mary, before. During the Cambridges’ Diamond Jubilee, which was 24 months ago, the pair made a visit to Asia. Middleton joked to the duo that it was “a bit colder” than the last time that they met, which drew a laugh from the President. He then made sure not to be rude by declaring that the “weather is lovely.”

She also went on to declare that she had been looking forward to their engagement, as it gave her an opportunity to get out of the house following her illness. According to The Express, when Middleton arrived at the Royal Garden Hotel she “looked slightly under the weather,” before she then told President Tan upon his arrival, “I’ve been looking forward to getting out of the house, that’s for sure.”

However, despite her recent troubles, Kate and Prince William were as cordial and charming as they usually are. In fact, after Tan had complimented the view of the pair’s home, Kensington Palace, from the hotel, Prince William couldn’t help but joke, “You can probably see into our bedroom window which is a bit worrying!” This then led Kate to add, “I wouldn’t look too closely.”


Middleton’s appearance was the first time in over a month that she has been seen in public. According to The Telegraph, she is now just over 12 weeks pregnant with her second child, who will be either a brother or sister to one-year-old Prince George. In the last few weeks Kate has been forced to spend most of her days in bed, and she was even made to miss a Royal visit to Malta that Prince William had to attend on his own.

But after her condition started to improve, doctors allowed her to play a part in the President’s state visit to the English capital on Tuesday. This was helped by the fact that she only had to make a short walk to the five-star hotel from her Kensington Palace apartment.

[Image via Info Kids]