Kate Middleton Wardrobe Malfunction: Duchess Kate Has Another High-Flying Skirt Moment

Kate Middleton Wardrobe Malfunction: Duchess Kate Has Another High-Flying Skirt Moment

Kate Middleton returned to royal duties this week after suffering a long bout with severe morning sickness, but in doing so suffered yet another wardrobe malfunction.

The Duchess was welcoming the president of the Republic of Singapore, wearing a tartan topper by Alexander McQueen for the occasion. But some ill-timed wind played havoc with her skirt, causing it to blow up in full view of the press and photographers.

For Duchess Kate, who has been bedridden with severe morning sickness for the last several weeks, it was the first chance to get out of the house and return to royal duties. Middleton seemed to have a good perspective on her illness.

“I’ve been looking forward to getting out of the house,” Middleton joked with the president, adding, “It’s a bit colder than when we last met,” referring to Kate and Prince William’s 2012 Asia-Pacific Tour.

This was actually not the first wardrobe malfunction for Kate Middleton, who seems to have a problem with skirts and wind gusts. In 2011 she also had her dress blown up by the wind, and in May a wind gust in New Zealand left Kate’s backside nearly exposed.

The incident in May actually caused a bit of controversy after the German tabloid Bild posted the photo taken at the exact moment when Kate Middleton’s dress blew up. Though much more tame, the photo revived a scandal from 2012 when a photographer secretly took pictures of Middleton sunbathing topless while on vacation.

But this incident was a bit different, Hollywood Hiccups noted:

“This photographer not only did nothing illegal, but he was well within his rights to take photos of the Duchess taking into account that it was an official engagement and he was just one of many photographers there. Unfortunately, for the royals, they know this, and sources have already gone on the record saying that Kate is completely humiliated by the situation.”

This time Kate Middleton was much more prepared for her wardrobe malfunction, however. She wore a black sheath underneath her dress that made sure nothing was exposed.