Prince Edward Island Sewing Needle: 7 Potatoes Found With Needles Inside

A Prince Edward Island resident found a sewing needle in a potato purchased at a store in Labrador City. Interestingly enough, police have been investigating the case because six other potatoes were found with sewing needles inside. According to CBC News, there has been a recall from the manufacturer but people are still finding needles in their potatoes because many were purchased before this was a known issue.

“It was purchased before the recall but only discovered on October 19 by the consumer. Police can confirm that this potato originated from the same Prince Edward Island supplier, Linkletter Farms Ltd. of Summerside, P.E.I.,” Sgt. Leanne Butler said in a news release.

The Prince Edward Island sewing needle mystery has affected residents in Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, and New Brunswick. While no one has been hurt, officials say that injury was intended by whoever is responsible for this. Now, authorities are asking potato-purchasers to not only be cautious but to turn in any potato that has suspicious non-edible materials (like metal) inside.

“The RCMP are still encouraging anyone who finds any foreign metal objects in a table potato to please not throw out the potato, metal object or the bag from which it was purchased.”

According to Blackburn News, Cavendish Farms plant in New Annan also received its potatoes from Linkletter Farms. The company produced french fries and found sewing needles during a “production run.” Fortunately, all of the french fries that had been produced with the needles were not shipped out or sold.

Prince Edward Island officials want sewing needle-stuffed potatoes turned in. If a tampered potato is found, people are asked to call the East Prince RCMP at (902) 436-9300.


Food recalls are not uncommon, but usually they are related to something like salmonella. For instance, as previously reported by The Inquisitr, Trader Joes recalled jars of almond butter over the summer. The company did not confirm that anyone had gotten sick from eating the various products on their recall list, but precautions were taken to keep it that way. It seems as though Trader Joes recalls items more often than other grocers.

As far as needles in potatoes go, this is something different — something that was likely done intentionally by someone who wanted to cause physical harm or financial loss (or both).

If you have purchased potatoes from a store that receives their supply from Linkletter, you are advised to be careful when peeling the potato or cutting into it.

[Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons]