Hannah Montana Movie Poster

Disney has released the official poster for Hannah Montana The Movie.

According to the synopsis: Miley (Miley Cyrus) has become overwhelmed with her alter-ego’s Hannah Montana’s popularity. Her father, Robbie Ray (Billy Ray Cyrus) decides to take Miley and travel to her hometown, Crowley Corners, Tennessee, to reflect about the things that really matter in her life.

While in Cowley Corners, Miley spends time with her best friends Lilly (Emily Osment) and Oliver (Mitchell Musso). While in Cowley Corners, Lilly celebrates her sixteenth birthday. Miley decides to attend Lilly’s birthday party as her alter-ego Hannah Montana, rather than herself and performs the song “Let’s get Crazy”, accompanied by Steve Rushton on the guitar.

While on the trip, Miley has a love interest in Travis Brody (Lucas Till), a childhood friend of Miley’s. Robbie Ray has a love interest while visiting Cowley Corners, played by Melora Hardin. Also while in Cowley Corners, Miley has problems with Mr. Granger, a local citizen of Cowley Corners who know’s about Miley’s secret identity and plans on exposing her.

The movie comes out in April.

(via PopCrunch)