Kim Kardashian’s Leaked Email Exposes Ridiculous Endorsement Demands

Kim Kardashian's endorsements

Kim Kardashian is used to getting the celebrity treatment, but is she out of control? If going by a few leaked emails, she very well might be. Kardashian’s list of demands for endorsement deals have leaked, and from what we can see it’s a real doozy.

According to RadarOnline, the emails leaked were between Kardashian’s rep and an undisclosed brand. The email was centered around a specific brand that was interested in collaborating with Kim Kardashian, and the list of demands they needed to put in place before she agreed to sign a contract. The correspondence between the rep and the brand detailed the list of demands that might work for the star.

At the time the rep wrote, “I think you should definitely come back with the best offer that you can make her from a money standpoint, so that we can save the time going back and forth.”

So how much money does one have to pony up to score a star like Kim Kardashian? Well, according to the e-mail Kardashian can cost up to $1 million to endorse a deal. This makes sense considering most of her revenue is through her endorsements deals, and Kardashian is living the luxurious life. Considering she’s only famous for her name, the fact that she can pull in this cash with no questions asked is ridiculous.

Think her pay is ridiculous? Well, check out the other amenities Kim Kardashian needs to close the deal. Arrangements discussed include travel.

“5 first class tickets, plus 1 coach, first class hotel accommodations (1 suite for talent and standard rooms for others in party), portal to portal first class exclusive ground transportation, airport greeter service, security, glam fee (day rate for her hair and makeup squad), and a per diem.”

As you probably guessed, it doesn’t end there either. Since Kardashian’s brand is very much her image, she needs to approve everything related to her appearance before she goes through with the endorsement.

“We would need approval over photographer, all photos used in print materials, glam squad (hair, makeup, stylist, manicurist), hotel/airline/car service and PR usage. We would need to review and approve [the media plan] with her PR team.”

Word is that if Kim Kardashian passes, her rep usually tries to pawn her younger sister Kendall Jenner on endorsement deals. What a family dynasty!

Here’s just a taste of the products Kardashian has endorsed: QuickTrim’s weight-loss supplement,, Signature Series Couture Lollipops, Carls Jr., Midori Licquer, Sketchers, “For Every Body” candles, and Tria Beauty.

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