WWE News: Is Randy Orton Turning Down Storylines From WWE Creative?

Orton and Triple H

Regardless of the massive push Randy Orton continues to get, his history with backstage troubles never really went away. If it wasn’t a failed drug test, the 8-time WWE champion got himself involved with backstage politics or antics. For the long-time WWE fans, this comes as no surprise; Orton has the potential to be very immature.

That revelation didn’t come to a halt, as Ringside News is reporting that Orton is getting himself into more trouble backstage, but this time, he won’t be punished for it.

“It’s said that when Randy Orton is given something by WWE creative that he doesn’t feel is right for his character, he turns it down in a nicer way by telling them to go ‘ask Triple H’ — which is known to mean ‘no.'”

If this is true, not only is Orton being extremely unprofessional but making Triple H handle all of his bookings really puts a rift in the backstage politics. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that certain people have precedence over others. For instance, Orton will have more royalties and privileges than Adam Rose. That happens with each big company. The veterans get more lee-way than the rookies.

However, the WWE is a different animal than any sports organization in the world. No superstar is bigger than the WWE. Vince McMahon said that on WWE television more than anybody else. Apparently, Orton believes he is better than the WWE and Triple H isn’t doing anything to remind the WWE creative team otherwise.

Orton and HHH

HHH is not the one in charge of Raw and Smackdown either. NXT is Triple H’s program and he has to respect that. It isn’t like Orton doesn’t get preferential treatment or a main event-style of booking; he is the main event of Hell in a Cell. He’s facing John Cena and the winner will receive a WWE championship match with Brock Lesnar. This story is flat-out ludicrous.

To think, Orton’s popularity reached an all-time high with the RKO Vines that came out last week. Even people that never watched a wrestling match in their life knew who Orton was because of that. His face turn is now inevitable, that is if he accepts a face turn from WWE Creative. Triple H will have to be the one who gives the okay on that. Not to start any controversy, but shouldn’t McMahon step in and figure this out? Orton is a highly-touted veteran and a future Hall of Fame-wrestler. Acts such is these shouldn’t be tolerated. Nobody is bigger than the WWE.

[Images via betweentheropes.com and bleacherreport.com]