Tina Knowles Twerks On Jamie Foxx — He Responds The Best Way Possible (VIDEO)

Tina Knowles spent some time dancing with Jamie Foxx on stage at the Angel Ball in New York City on Monday night.

According to a report released by TMZ, Tina Knowles (mother of Beyoncé and Solange Knowles) jumped on the stage when Jamie Foxx was performing. Jamie and Tina started off with a simple two-step side to side.

However, Jamie Foxx then proceeds to walk behind Tina Knowles and she takes full advantage of the moment. As you can see in the video, Tina Knowles started to back it up on Jamie Foxx right there in front of everyone in attendance.

Jamie Foxx decided to take the gentleman role of respect and honor — especially since Tina Knowles was attending the function with her boyfriend — and simply backed away. In the footage, Jamie even appears to make gestures to someone in the audience — showing that he was clearly backing off and did not want to cause any problems.

The best part about how Jamie Foxx handled this impromptu dance with Tina Knowles on-stage, though, is that he managed to keep the momentum of his performance going without any interruptions while publicly showing respect for Tina Knowles at the same time.

What do you think about Tina Knowles dancing with Jamie Foxx? Did Jamie make the right decision?

[Image Credit: The Jasmine Brand and The Fader]