Fergie Making A Comeback? Duchess Of York Loses Loses 50 Pounds And Is On Speaking Terms With The Queen

Fergie Comeback

Is Fergie making a comeback? Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson has been the most embarrassing member of the royal family since she married Prince Andrew in 1986 and later divorced him. Now the famous redhead is making a new debut, according to reports.

Daily Mail reports that Fergie has lost about 50 pounds, is full of exuberance, and just celebrated the twenty-first anniversary of her Children In Crisis charity at the queen’s favorite home, Windsor Castle. It also served as the duchess’ 55th birthday party. It represents “more than just a symbolic gesture” for Queen Elizabeth to make her son happy, the reports say.

One source shares how Sarah Ferguson appeared at the event.

“Her face was a picture, a huge smile, as everyone sang Happy Birthday. She was so happy you could almost think the queen had given her back her HRH.”

Brand Fergie is what seems to be going on, reinventing herself. Fergie is believed to be in secret talks with the U.S. for endorsements on healthy food.

Fergie is 50 pounds slimmer and making a positive comeback.

After the scandalous duchess was caught on camera willing to give an undercover journalist access to Prince Andrew for a hefty fee, her unfavorable image took an even bigger hit.

It’s amazing what time can do. Fergie is back in the spotlight — but what does it really mean? What are her speaking terms with the queen?

According to Sunday Express, it’s good for Fergie’s recovering reputation.

“The queen’s permission to hold the party at Windsor is another sign she has forgiven scandal-hit Fergie, and although Prince Philip has refused to speak to her for years she has been to stay with Her Majesty at Balmoral for the past two years.”

The party had a lot of rich and influential people attending the bash. Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice brought their boyfriends to the extravaganza as well.

Andrew and Sarah have been divorced 18 years, but still live under the same roof. Their life is good the way things are. Getting remarried isn’t likely because sources say the pair do better as “best friends.” They add that another wedding won’t happen for Andrew and Fergie while Prince Phillip is alive.

Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice adore their mother and have shown solid support for the woman who’s been largely avoided by senior royals. The Inquisitr has written many articles on the two princesses. The latest involved Beatrice wearing a large, unique hat while attending a royal engagement.

[Photo Credit: Getty Images via Hello Magazine]