Django Daniele Watts, Boyfriend Face Jail Time In Car Sex Case

Django’s African-American actress Daniele Watts and her boyfriend Brian James Lucas have been charged for having sex in the car, according to a new report by TMZ. Law enforcement officials say actress Daniele Watts and her chef boyfriend are facing jail time of up to 6 months for lewd conduct.

The hot couple were caught having sex in their vehicle near CBS Studios earlier this year. The LAPD was dispatched to the scene, where they tried to find out the details of what happened. According to 911 callers and other witnesses, an African-American woman was riding the lap of a white male inside of a parked car. The couple appeared to be aware that there were people who might have been watching.

When officers confronted the couple, the Django star became belligerent and began accusing the officer of scuffing her up and racially profiling her because she was black. News of the story made headlines as shocked fans and outraged member of the public condemned the actress for playing the race card, according to New York Daily News.

For many, her arrest is sweet justice for those who feel that she wrongly accused the officer of being racist. Here is what some Facebook commenters have to say about the ‘Django Unchained’ lewd conduct sex case.

“Serves her nasty a**s right for playing the race card when there was none.”

“Good. Shame on her for pulling race card”

“I couldn’t care less who bangs in their car, but the big act she put on after getting caught is the issue I have with her. If she had just put on her big girl panties and just remained cool she might have gotten out of it. Instead she makes this big old dramatic scene like she’s been so wronged and it’s all over the media now what a fool she is capable of being. Nobody will hire her now and she has herself to blame.”


African-Americans were also outraged by her unfounded claims, stating that there are so many legitimate cases of racial prejudices and racial profiling that her case makes all of those claims seem bogus — when often times the reverse is true.

After the story broke, the couple appeared on CNN to give their side of the story, according to an earlier report by Inquisitr. Check back for more details.

[Photo Credit: Twitter]