TNA News: WWE Believes Dixie Carter’s Company Is Less Competition Than The NFL

WWE: Kurt Angle To Stay With TNA, Shoots Down Triple H's Offer For 2014 Return

TNA and Dixie Carter can’t seem to help getting the short end of the stick lately. The company is struggling and now Stephanie and Vince McMahon are refusing to even acknowledge TNA as one of the competitors for the WWE.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, TNA Impact ratings took a nosedive recently, which is never good for a business that’s already having trouble staying afloat. TNA’s Team 3D is also talking to the WWE about jumping ship. The only good TNA news is that Kurt Angle will likely stay with the TNA this news might be slightly disappointing if it turns out to be Dixie Carter’s surprise announcement.

When Stephanie McMahon spoke to Yahoo Sports earlier this week, it was noted that TNA is considered the number two professional wrestling company and she was asked whether having a healthy competitor was good for the WWE’ financial future. Instead of discussing TNA, McMahon instead compared the WWE to the NFL and other sports entertainment.

“I think competition is always healthy, but what we look at as competition is everything out there —all entertainment and sports programming because we really are such a unique hybrid — there’s nothing like us in the world. Monday Night Football is a competitor to Monday Night Raw. Yes, I think competition is incredibly healthy, no matter where it comes from.”

The comparison to the NFL went even further when Stephanie described how the NXT development system has been attracting new talent like KENTA, Prince Devitt and Kevin Steen.

“NXT and the performance center is crucial to the success of our company. When you look at the performance center itself, it has seven rings. It has a play-by-play announce booth. It has green screen rooms to develop your mic skills and their character and who your character is. It is the most comprehensive development center the WWE has ever had. And according to some insiders in the NFL, they say it’s on par or even better than some of the training centers in the NFL.”

As an article for the Inquisitr recently put it, there is no comparing Dixie Carter and Stephanie McMahon.

“Stephanie McMahon is one of the most respected business women in entertainment today. She has a strong level of respect within WWE but among business men and women, she has a massive level of respect that few women are able to have. Meanwhile, Dixie Carter does not have nearly the same result. While her employees respect her, outside people do not consider her a good leader. Those parting TNA have been vocal on Dixie’s issues with leadership and running TNA.”

Several years ago, a fan also once asked if Vince McMahon would “save the business from Dixie Carter” by buying the TNA wrestling company. McMahon laughed at the idea, saying, “I don’t know they’re for sale. Maybe.”