Rumors: Camilla Parker-Bowles’ Best Friend Reportedly Caught Snorting Cocaine At Buckingham Palace

Camilla Parker-Bowles

Camilla Parker-Bowles is no stranger to scandal, and the fact she is married to the future King of England, Prince Charles, means that the media usually take a less favorable view when it comes to rumors and allegations made involving her.

Recently enough, Camilla was involved in some vicious rumors, according to the International Business Times, surrounding her alleged tricking of Queen Elizabeth to give her the crown as queen, as well as reports claiming that she served up a large amount of abuse to Kate Middleton over her current pregnancy.

This time, according to the October 27 print edition of the U.S. tabloid publication GLOBE magazine, Camilla Parker-Bowles is now embroiled in a drugs scandal, surrounding the fact that her unnamed best friend was caught snorting cocaine inside Buckingham Palace.

In the GLOBE article, entitled, Best Friend Tells All: Camilla Caught In Drug Scandal, interesting facts are alleged about the type of drugs Camilla herself may be involved with in some way.

And let’s not forgot the famous Camilla drugs scandal back in 1999, when her son, Tom Parker-Bowles, was caught using cocaine just a few short years after he was cautioned for possession of ecstasy and marijuana.

The Epoch Times reported that at the time, Prince Charles was reportedly so beyond furious that his godson was involved with drugs that he banned him from spending any time with Prince William, for fear he might be influenced into drug taking.

As The Prince of Wales is reputed for being a big anti-drugs advocate, his godson reassured him at the time that he had never taken drugs in front of Princes William or Harry.

The last thing Camilla Parker-Bowles needs right now is another scandal, as she does what damage control she can regarding her comments about Kate Middleton recently, which were considered by many to be gratuitous and mean.

There has been “no comment” as yet from Camilla or the palace regarding the drug use allegations in the forthcoming tabloid publication.