Kylie Jenner, Tyga Having ‘Educational’ Fling: Romance Is Questionable

Kylie Jenner and Tyga are probably not dating despite how things look. According to Hollywood Life, Kylie is on tour with Tyga because she wants to become a pop star. The 17-year-old is learning about the tour process and getting to experience it first hand, something that not many people get to do before breaking into the music world.

“It’s all educational, if you will. Tyga believes Kylie is on the verge of being a huge breakout pop star, and that she should see firsthand what it’s like to live that life. He’s testing her. Seeing if she’s down with all the impromptu flying, the late hours, the fact that you really get no sleep. He also wants her to see how it’s done, how she’d have to be on stage, controlling the crowd and keeping them engaged while performing.”

Kylie Jenner has not released any music just yet, but with sister Kendall’s modeling career taking off, Kylie likely wants to do her own thing and be successful as well. Of course, everyone seems quick to associate Kylie’s singing talent with that of Kim Kardashian’s. Don’t forget (even if you really want to) that Kim released the song “Jam (Turn It Up)” back in 2011. That was the beginning and the end of Kim’s music career, but Kylie could have better luck.

The Jenner side of the family seems to have more talent in the music realm. Kylie’s half-brother Brandon and his wife Leah have released a couple of songs together… and they aren’t bad at all.

If Kylie Jenner does have talent — which she must if Tyga has taken her under his wing — she could have a really successful career ahead of her. It looks like she is taking the right steps and doing things slowly, which is positive.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, there have been reports that Kylie and Tyga are on these “romantic” vacations in some of the most exquisite places (France, Greece). However, these are countries that Tyga has been performing. Sources say that Kylie’s relationship with the 24-year-old rapper has not crossed the line. The two have denied that they are in a relationship and there haven’t been any photos showing them kissing or even holding hands, so the fuss should die down.

What their relationship does suggest is that Tyga will be working with Kylie on her first song, and the two may collaborate in even more ways in the future.

[Photo courtesy of Kylie Jenner / Instagram]