Michele Bachmann Gets 24/7 Security Detail After Threat From ISIS

Michele Bachmann, Republican congresswoman from Minnesota, has been given round-the-clock security detail shortly after a threat from ISIS emerged online.

According to Politico, Capitol Police has given Bachmann 24/7 security detail after a threat against the congresswoman allegedly coming from the Islamic militant group appeared on the internet, alarming federal law enforcement officials. Sources for the website reported that Bachmann has been provided with extensive security measures as a response to the Islamic militants’ threats against the congresswoman. Although the specifics of the threat haven’t been revealed, security detail has been given to ensure Bachmann’s safety as she performs her tasks in the congress.

Security personnel will be present with Michele Bachmann during her congressional duties in the capital and while she is at her home state in Minnesota. Police security will remain with Bachmann until she steps down from office at the end of this congress.

The Capitol Police’s Dignitary Protection Division, the branch tasked with keeping Bachmann safe during her political duties, has been briefed on facts about the ISIS. People from Capitol Police declined to comment when asked about the enhanced security that has been prepared for the congresswoman.

In an email to Politico, Capitol Police spokeswoman Kimberly Schneider wrote, “The U.S. Capitol Police does not discuss law enforcement operations or security regarding Members of Congress.”

Fox News reported that a recent video from ISIS emerged online containing a blurred image of Bachmann and a voice clip from one of her speeches where she spoke against the rise of Islam. Sources to Fox speculated that Bachmann’s image was blurred because she was a woman and was not wearing what the Islamic militants considered a proper attire.

Michelle Bachmann has been outspoken against ISIS, and Islam in general, especially since tensions began to arise in Iraq and Syria this year. During a recent speech at the Value Voter Summit last September, Bachmann called upon President Obama to consider serious military actions against the Islamic militants.

“And I believe if you have an evil of an order of this magnitude, you take it seriously. You declare war on it, you don’t dance around it. Just like the Islamic State has declared war on the United States of America.”

Bachmann also suggested a bill that would renounce the citizenship of any American who has been proven to join ISIS.

Michele Bachmann has announced plans to retire from the congress, although she hasn’t dismissed rumors of running for a higher office.

[Image from Gage Skidmore/Flickr]