‘Shadow Of Mordor’ DLC: Free Update Gives You A Dark New Look

The first Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor DLC has arrived on Xbox One, and it gives you a dark new look. The “Power of Shadow” is here to aid in the fight against the Orcs. The PlayStation 4 and Steam versions are coming soon.

The surprise hit from Warner Bros. Interactive drops you into the Lord of the Rings universe in the time period between the Battle of the Five Armies and the Fellowship of the Ring. You are the Ranger Captain Talion, whose family has been murdered while attempting to guard the Black Gate. You have been spared death and given new “life” as a wraith, which gives you unique abilities.

Talion can jump down impossible distances without taking damage, and can phase back and forth between the physical world and the mystical world. Along the way he meets Gollum and a fellow wraith the fallen Hobbit calls master. This wraith does not know who he is and requests your help to piece his story together. Your journey brings you from your unusual fate and sets you out on a mission of revenge against the Black Hand of Sauron and his army of Orcs.

The first of the Shadow of Mordor DLC updates will give you the chance to look like the very villain you fight, Sauron’s servant, the Black Hand of Sauron. Another addition which comes with this update includes three new runes.

Runes are special markings that give your weapons added abilities to help you kick even more Orc butt as you dominate the battlefield of Middle Earth, and the new update gives you some useful Epic Runes.

  • One with Nature

This rune give you immunity to poison attacks from Uruk Captains or Ghuls, allowing you to stay in the fray a little longer as long as your combat prowess keeps everything else at bay.

  • Ascendant

This rune doubles how long you can use Focus Time, giving you more of a chance to dominate combat or even hunt faster creatures.

  • Elven Grace

This rune increases defense, so enemy strikes only cause half the damage.

With this Shadow of Mordor DLC, Middle Earth will be yours to dominate. Helpful as always is the combat, stealth, and parkour systems, seemingly lifted from games like Assassin’s Creed and the Batman: Arkham series. Though the Black Hand of Sauron looms, plotting whatever he can in his master’s stead, you’ll have plenty of fun attempting to stop him.

As the “Power of Shadow” DLC drops, it should make for some interesting walk-throughs. Playing as the Black Hand of Sauron should certainly add a dark new feel with this free Shadow of Mordor DLC.

[Image via Warner Bros./Monolith]